Fortis BC Rebates for Furnaces, Natural Gas, and Water Heaters

Conserve energy while reducing utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions

Save Energy in Your Home and Business

As BC’s natural gas provider, Fortis BC offers dozens of different rebates on high-efficiency equipment and products to help make upgrades to your house and business more affordable. Designed to save money on your utility bill while simultaneously protecting the environment, many of the rebates available can be combined to save more. Fortis BC also offers energy-saving programs for those who have a low income and would like to make their home more energy-efficient.

Get the Guide to BC’s Residential Rebates

Learn more about the comprehensive list of all provincial home heating and home upgrade rebates available from CleanBC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC.

High Efficiency Home Renovation Rebates

Fortis BC is a big promoter of saving energy, maximizing efficiency, and finding cost-effective solutions to power your home. That’s why they offer a ton of rebates specifically for upgrading or renovating your home, like adding or upgrading insulation, windows, and doors. When you upgrade to a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater or furnace, you could qualify for rebates up to $1,000. If you upgrade your electric furnace or baseboards to an eligible high-efficiency air source heat pump, you have access to rebates up to $2,000.

Have you ever wondered how loud a heat pump is? Check out our video here.

Capitalize on Appliance Upgrades

If you’re planning on upgrading or replacing your major household appliances, Fortis BC provides incentives for choosing a more energy-efficient model. Where refrigerators, clothes washers, and dryers are the biggest culprits of energy consumption, Fortis BC offers rebates of up to $250 on select ENERGY STAR® appliances.

Energy Conservation for Everyone

If your household is income-qualified, Fortis BC offers a program to help you save on heating, hot water, and electricity in your home – with a home energy evaluation and installation free of charge. Income-qualified customers are also eligible for rebates of up to $2,500 when upgrading to an eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater, furnace, or boiler.

Need Help?

As your local, qualified heating and cooling experts, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what rebates and savings are available for your upcoming commercial or residential project.