With the rising cost of heating and cooling your home, now is the perfect time to consider replacing your fossil fuel heating system with electric air-source heat pumps or high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, and improve insulation, upgrade to ENERGY STAR® appliances, and install better windows and doors to minimize heat loss. As a qualified contractor with over 40 years’ experience in the heating and cooling industry, we can help educate you on municipal and provincial government rebate programs to save money wherever possible.

“By moving to clean, renewable energy – like our abundant supply of B.C. electricity – we can power our growing economy and make life better and more affordable for British Columbians.” – Premier John Hogan

BC Energy Rebates

Discover what rebates and offers your heating, appliance, and other energy-efficient upgrades are eligible for.


Save on upgrades to insulation, water heating, windows, and space heating



Get money back on high-efficiency appliances and equipment for your home or business



Save thousands of dollars on rebates for electric heat pumps and home renovations



Learn about additional rebates and tax credits for energy efficiency and conservation


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Click below for more information on provincial home heating and home upgrade rebates available from CleanBC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC.

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Lower the Cost of Energy Saving Upgrades

Heat pumps run on electricity, and while they are more energy-efficient and provide cleaner energy to your home or business, they can be more costly upfront when compared to natural gas or propane options. The good news is, you may be eligible for up to $3,000 to convert your home heating to heat pumps. With our extensive experience working with heat pumps, we can help you take advantage of all the savings available and get a return on your investment quickly.

Rise to the Challenge of Climate Change

There are dozens of provincial, municipal, and utility programs and rebates available to residents and businesses to meet the province’s legislated climate targets of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by the year 2030. Take the bait and make BC a lower polluting place, with warmer, more comfortable, and healthier spaces.

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As your local, qualified heating and cooling experts, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what rebates and savings are available for your upcoming commercial or residential project.