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Commercial Installations

Pope and Sons Commercial InstallationsPope and Sons has been working within the Oceanside and Mid-Island area installing and servicing commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems for over 40 years. Our expertise is trusted by many big names in the region. Although we work with some of the bigger commercial outlets in the area, we also work with smaller commercial businesses who see the value in Pope and Sons as an industry leader.

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Residential Solutions

Pope and Sons Residential SolutionsAt Pope and Sons, we believe that value is predicated on the idea that when a company has had over 40 years of experience in its industry, and when we've formed as many community relationships as we have, we feel that our reputation for quality workmanship needs to be adhered-to for each and every installation.

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Pool Heat Pumps

Pope and Sons Pool Heat PumpsBoth indoor and outdoor pool heat systems are available for our team to install. You'll be surprised by how affordable a modern energy-efficient system can be, whether for use in your outdoor pool, or your indoor pool application. We also can handle the dehumidification of your indoor pool room, bringing in fresh air while keeping the indoor temperature regulated and comfortable.

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  • "Inverter air conditioners are less prone to breakdowns, cheaper to run, and the outdoor compressor is generally quieter than a standard air conditioning unit."

  • "Geothermal systems boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems dramatically."

Pope and Sons Geothermal InstallationsGeothermal: More About This Technology

Geothermal heating and cooling installations have a positive return on investment, and are incredibly earth-friendly!

Check out the Natural Resources Canada page for more information on this green and money-saving technology!