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Rebates and Offers

Carrier Rebates and OffersPope and Sons loves to help it's clients save money wherever possible by drawing your attention to government rebates and savings opportunities. CarrierĀ® has some interesting savings opportunities, as well as offering some of the best everyday value in the industry. The Government of Canada also provides incentive for savings using energy efficient solutions for home heating and cooling.

Pope and Sons helps you to find the best Rebates and Offers out there!

Check out these links for rebates, offers and energy saving ideas:


  • "Inverter air conditioners are less prone to breakdowns, cheaper to run, and the outdoor compressor is generally quieter than a standard air conditioning unit."

  • "Geothermal systems boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems dramatically."

Pope and Sons Geothermal InstallationsGeothermal: More About This Technology

Geothermal heating and cooling installations have a positive return on investment, and are incredibly earth-friendly!

Check out the Natural Resources Canada page for more information on this green and money-saving technology!